GIL STAUFFER empresa de servicios de Mudanza del Ministerio de Defensa

El 1 de agosto de 2014, la Junta de Contratación del Ministerio de Defensa formalizó  el Acuerdo Marco de servicios de transporte de mobiliario y enseres en territorio nacional para el Ministerio de Defensa y sus Organismos Autónomos a MUDANZAS MERIDIONAL, S.L. (GIL STAUFFER).

Esto quiere decir que, a partir de ese momento todas las mudanzas de las familias de los miembros de las fuerzas armadas con derecho a traslado por razón de servicio, dentro de España, son realizadas por esta compañía.

Toda la información de la empresa esta disponible en su página web:
TELÉFONO DE CONTACTO 91 678 49 90 MADRID – Oficina Central o bien al 902 200 234.
«Una empresa con más de 100 años de experiencia en mudanzas nacionales e internacionales, guardamuebles y transporte»



  1. Jura
    14 diciembre, 2016 at 8:29 pm Responder

    This company is very very bad. First of all came late, later said that there are far more items than in the list and after two hours talking with managers we agreed to pay double so they will come to pick few extra items later. They did not even bother to come before to evaluate and did not bring any boxes because we lived 60 km from Barcelona.
    We needed to travel long hours and needed to leave everything quickly so we packed everything ourselves whole week. Then they came and did this to us. Also, they went to have breakfast in the city as didn’t bring anything with them. Common, they new we were in a rush.
    So after a month leaving everything in their warehouse they moved everything to new house. They did unpacking in less than two hours. Meaning dropped the boxes in the rooms and that was it. They put our tables in the office on top on each other so they could cover how badly they damaged them. Every single furniture we have is damaged. We asked to repair or pay the cost for it. They said you haven’t bought insurance (which we were never even asked in first place) so they will not give any money back for destroyed furniture.
    Extremely rude people and told my husband that he destroyed this furniture and not them. Never ever again I would use this company or recommend it to anyone.

  2. María
    21 diciembre, 2016 at 12:33 pm Responder

    Profesionales, rápidos y con mucha experiencia. ¡Fantástica elección! Yo en un pasado dejé en sus manos mi mudanza y quedé muy contenta, es un proceso estresante y farragoso que a nadie le apetece hacer y ellos te lo ponen mucho más fácil.